General Superintendent

Look Back, Look Down, Look Forward!

Recently my daughter flew off to Melbourne for her ministry internship. As I released her to pursue God’s plans for her life, I was amazed at how time flies. But yet, God works through time. In fact, every now and then, it’s good to Look Back to realize what God has done.

1928 may have been the year that Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse or even the year where penicillin, the antibiotic which saved millions of lives, was discovered. Yet, for our little red dot at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, it was a place that God led the Assemblies of God (AG) Missionaries to. They thought they were on a ship en route to Hong Kong, but the Holy Spirit had other plans: On April 1, 1928, Rev and Mrs Cecil M Jackson conducted an Easter service on the ship that docked on our shores and stayed as the Spirit led them.

Who are we as the AG? As a movement, we trace our roots back to 312 Azusa Street. Characterized by the Pentecostal message of baptism in the Holy Spirit and the Pentecostal experience of speaking in tongues, the outpouring of the Spirit in 1906 brought about a spiritual awakening, igniting a worldwide movement.

We are planted out of that outpouring, where people hungered for the Spirit and moved in the power and gifts of the Spirit. Missionaries, sent in that same power, sowed and planted the AG churches here in Singapore.

Look Down to see what God is doing
Today we have more than 22,000 adherents who worship in our AG churches and many are still being added. This is, without a doubt, the grace and work of the Spirit.

AG Singapore is bigger and stronger because we have grown through our times of training as a movement. We are empowered to be a blessing through our togetherness having had the privilege to serve the larger AG body at the 8th triennial World Assemblies of God Congress(WAGC) held in Singapore last year.

God is doing a powerful work in the midst of our churches and it is imperative that we recognize the work of the Holy Spirit. As God positions and aligns His church, we will get uncomfortable and even feel stretched. But the strengthening is in the stretching! We need to see His hand and allow the Spirit to stretch us. Only then, can we be transformed to effect a greater transformation in our communities and nation!

Look Forward to where God is taking us
All the stretching and strengthening is not just for the NOW. It’s for the future generation. What we do in this generation will affect the next generation. If AG Singapore is to continue in strength and power, we need to arise in our Spirit life. We cannot be satisfied with just the trickles of the Spirit. God wants to pour out His Spirit upon His church!

Jesus never intended for the Church to stay at the Cross but to move into Pentecost to experience God’s resurrection power, so that the Church will become all that Christ had purposed her to be! In the same way, God never intended for His Church to stay in today’s victories. Rather we need to constantly be hungry for the Spirit’s move in our lives and churches! We need to be filled to overflowing, and be living out the manifestations of the Spirit.

As we celebrate our 90th year, I see a strong Church; a Church in power; a Church where signs, miracles and wonders will be a norm! But it takes all of us to look forward and move forward, so that the Church of tomorrow will be a result of the Church today.