5 Myths about Worship

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5 Myths about Worship

5 Myths about Worship

Have you heard similar things being said about worship before? It’s time to see what the Bible says about these things.

Myth 1: “I can only worship God in a church when there’s a music band.”
Truth: In John 4:21-24, Jesus introduced a new kind of worship and a new breed of worshippers— worshippers who worshipped in spirit and in truth, not restricted to locale but who were filled with God’s Spirit and were free to worship wherever they were. In Acts 16:25, Paul and Silas worshipped in prison without a music band! Therefore, worship is not confined to the four walls of a church building. Rather, true worship is defined and established within the walls of a heart that loves God.

Myth 2: “Worship only gets really good if the worship team plays well.”
Truth: Lights, sound, songs, the worship leader or team do not determine the quality of your worship experience although the excellence in these areas can enhance the worship experience when they are present. What determines ‘good worship’ lies with the worshippers themselves. We determine the height of our worship experience by the depth of our hunger and breadth of our receptivity toward God.

Myth 3: “The lifting of hands is for the more ‘spiritual’ people.”
Truth: The raising up of hands, clapping, dancing and bowing down and making a joyful noise are all postures of worship exemplified in the Bible. You can do them as expressions of your worship to God as well.

Myth 4: “I cannot sing ‘Happy Day’ or ‘Lord You are good’ when I’m going through a difficult time—it’s just hypocritical.”
Truth: It is not hypocritical to honor God with your worship despite personal struggles. The Bible mentions the concept of bringing to God a ‘sacrifice of praise’—praise that goes against how we feel at that moment, and praise that responds to who God is rather than how we feel. These songs can also be a declaration of faith, a confidence in things hoped for, and an evidence of things not seen!

Myth 5: “Worship needs to be reverent and solemn. It cannot be too emotional; besides, I’m not expressive.”
Truth: Worship involves the emotions. God has created us as emotional creatures. We are to worship the Lord with our whole being. (Deuteronomy 10:12) We feel sadness and gladness. We smile and we cry. We get bored and we get excited. We can express worship in many different ways.

King David modeled worship in 2 Samuel 6:15-16; King Solomon encouraged expressive worship in 2 Chronicles 7:1-3; The worship that’s taking place in heaven now is expressive! (Revelation 5:11-61).

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