How to Grow in your Personal Times of Worship

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How to Grow in your Personal Times of Worship

How to Grow in your Personal Times of Worship

Worship leaders Pastor Andrew Yeo and Cheryl Ho shares how their personal times of worship have grown and transformed them.

  1. What was your view of worship in the past?

AY: Worship was just singing some songs before the sermon starts.

CH: I thought that worship was not very important and more like a concert. I never thought much about it and felt the music in church was like a collection of nice sing-alongs

.How has worship changed your life?

AY: It taught me how my life can be poured out in holiness, obedience, service, mission, sharing the Gospel with the lost, sharing our bread with the poor and sharing our lives with one another.

CH: The biggest way worship has changed me is that now I really want to make sure I have a song in the Spirit all the time (or most of the time, I try). It has shown me that songs written with an anointing do more than soothe the soul, they really reach into the person’s being and minister from deep within. People say that music can heal and all, but that’s not the real deal. The reality I’ve learnt and experienced is that when worship gets into your system, it doesn’t really matter what miracle you may or may not receive; because you know there is an inner healing and reconciliation with what God really is trying to do in your life.

  1. Were there any specific moments of worship that have impacted you?

AY: When I do worship tours around Asia, seeing people in bondage being set free, seeing the sick being healed and seeing people receiving Jesus as their savior during worship have impacted me the most.

CH: For me, it’s learning how to worship freely. I really enjoy it and I think we all need to experience that regularly. Just allowing the songs and the ministry of God to wash over you and flood your being is very impactful—you can’t walk away from that and say you didn’t gain anything out of it.

  1. What caused you to want to serve in the worship ministry and do what you are doing now?

AY: I heard an audible voice telling me that one day I would be like the man on stage who was leading worship when I first stepped into the church for the very first time. The more I worshipped Him, the more I was changed and the desire to serve Him in this area grew.

CH: I started out helping as a vocalist as well as the screen projections. My best friend was in church, and we thought we might as well serve since we were there anyway. I’ve been a worship leader for 12 years and my journey to becoming one started when I was thrown into the deep end! If that had not happened, I don’t think I would be able to fully appreciate what worship can do to a person’s life and how God’s grace really enables us serve Him.

  1. What were some practical steps you took to grow in your personal times of worship?

AY: Having a constant awareness of God in our midst keeps me singing and worshiping Him everywhere I go. The amazing truth is that when we worship God, we are not disappointed. Psalm 100 encourages us not just to draw near with thanksgiving and praise, but also to enjoy the reality that the Lord is good and His love endures forever. God has made it possible for every one of us to enter in and experience the privilege of His presence. In Christ, we are free to enjoy a relationship with the Holy Spirit, a pleasure we can enjoy forever. Let’s always treasure this privilege.

CH: Making sure I really spend time worshiping God rather than trying to rush through my time with Him. And also, I often ask Him for a song for the day, so that I’d get a constant earworm that reminds me what our lives are really meant to be for. Also, I believe having good mentors also helps. I think the biggest influences on my growth in the worship ministry would be Pastor Lau (my Senior Pastor then) and Pastor Daphne Lau (my Worship Pastor then). They firmly believed that “If you don’t try, you will never learn.” It was their passion for wanting to see people engaged in worship and enjoy worshipping that made me really cherish worship in my own life. They knew how worship could be refreshing and seeing them worship every week was a total encouragement and motivation to want to know God more.

About the Interviewees:

Lee Kah Heng (KH),

Pastor Andrew is a Worship Pastor at The City Church and also a Worship Artiste at Integrity Music (Asia)



Cheryl Ho

Cheryl is a Senior Worship Leader and youth mentor at Calvary Assembly of God. She also works as a Secondary School teacher.


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