New Year Series: GS Message – Look Forward to His Restoration

New Year Series: GS Message – Look Forward to His Restoration

Look Forward to the New Year (1)

Look Forward to His Restoration

By Rev Dominic Yeo

2022 is here. So is Omicron. But there’s no need to fear. The God we serve is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere), and omnipotent (all-powerful).

I sense in my spirit that God will bring RESTORATION to His church this year.

I sense in my spirit that God will bring RESTORATION to His church this year. While COVID-19 has set back and disrupted businesses, world economies, and various developments, God says in Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.”

Don’t allow the ups and downs of battling the pandemic to dull and desensitize your spirit. If we are going to see a restoration of our lives, churches, ministries, and nation, we need to ditch the wait-and-see attitude and posture ourselves to engage with the Spirit of God.

The years the locusts have eaten” represent loss of time, possessions, opportunities, zeal, purpose, dreams, and even compassion. Today, God will recompense, repay, redeem, and restore what was lost back to you.

God wants to restore your joy, faith, and destiny. God is restoring His church to fulfill His mandate.

Restoration of His Mandate and Our Mission

God is returning soon and souls are to be won. Do not be like the disciples who stared into the sky after Jesus ascended to heaven wondering ‘when’ will Jesus return, ‘when’ will our triumph come, and ‘when’ will the tide turn. They were preoccupied with the ‘when’ rather than the ‘what’ they should have been doing.

A couple of verses before, the angels chided them in Acts 1:11 “why do you stand here looking into the sky?”, Jesus had already given clear instructions.  Acts 1:4-8 “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised… you will receive power… and you will be my witnesses…”

They had a mission – to be witnesses of divine power in their world. We too have a mission – to be God’s witnesses in our world. While there seems to be an escalation of troubles, and disasters with no end in sight, it’s time we stop wondering ‘when’ this will end and begin with ‘what’ this means for us as the Church of Jesus Christ.

Your faith may have given way to fear. Your passion may be hidden behind passivity. But Joel 2:25 says “I will repay…” Let God challenge your faith once again! Let us respond to that challenge – to carry His mandate.

Restoration of our mission to preach the Good News. We are reaching the tail-end of time. There will be pandemics. There will be troubles. And there will be people who have to hear the Gospel.

 All that we see around us, shouldn’t take us by surprise. It’s written in the Bible. It’s been foretold. Jesus is returning and the Church of Jesus Christ needs to stand tall in the midst of famines, natural disasters, pestilences, pandemics, wars ,and rumors of wars. These are signs of end times and we the Church must shine the hope and life of Christ and not cower in fear.

Restoration of our mission to prepare ourselves as the Bride of Christ. Every bride prepares herself for the day where she walks down the aisle. How are we as the Bride of Christ? Are we spiritually attune to His voice. Are we passionate and deeply in love with Jesus? Have we instead safe-distanced ourselves from Him, His church, and our God-given destiny?

If ever there’s a time to arise as His Bride, it’s now.

If ever there’s a time to do more for His Kingdom, it’s now.

If ever there’s a time to live unashamedly for Christ, it’s now.

For it’s not about the “when”, but the “what” we ought to do as His Bride, His Church.

Today, let every fear that holds you back from becoming a person of destiny be broken. I declare that you will arise with great courage and strength in these end times. As we step into a new year, may you be restored for His mandate!

Let’s be aligned for His assignments in 2022!









在之前的几节经文(使徒行传1:11),天使责备他们:“为什么站着望天呢?” ,耶稣已经给出了明确的指示。使徒行传 1:4-8 “不要离开耶路撒冷……要等候父的应许……你们就必领受能力……作我的见证人。”


你的信心可能已经被恐惧取代。你的热情可能隐藏在被动背后。然而约珥书 2:25说:“我必补给你们”。让神再次挑战你的信心!让我们应对这一挑战,履行祂的使命。







因为这不是关于“什么时候”,而是关于作为祂的新娘的我们 – 祂的教会 – 应该做“什么“。


让我们在 2022 年与神对齐,完成祂的任务!