PRESS STATEMENT: Response to Christian teenager caught planning act of terrorism


Response to Christian Teenager Caught Planning Act of Terrorism

On behalf of the Assemblies of God of Singapore, I would like to express my sadness that a teenager had been planning to conduct acts of terrorism against two mosques in Singapore.

We do not condone the boy’s intended actions and pray that God will reveal to him the folly of his ways.

This disturbing incident once again shows the two-edged sword of the digital space with easy access to a wealth of information. We need to be alert and safeguard our young people who are more susceptible to negative online influence.

At such a time, it is even more vital for Christians, churches and everyone in Singapore to come together as one united people. Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society and all of us must do our part to preserve the fabric of our beloved nation.

We uphold everyone in Singapore in our prayer – that God will keep us safe and that we will remain strong, vigilant and united

Rev Dominic Yeo
General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Singapore