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The Holy Spirit in our Daily Lives

The Holy Spirit in our Daily Lives

How do we engage the Holy Spirit in our daily lives? Rev Lim sheds some light.

A man signed up for a cruise to Iceland and packed his suitcases to the brim with biscuits, fruit bars and canned food for his voyage. After several days at sea, he ran out of food.

“Waiter, please tell me where can I get some food?”

“Sir, didn’t you know? Your ticket entitles you to the buffet and entertainment on board.”

Like this clueless passenger, countless Pentecostals appreciate the Holy Spirit’s bountiful blessings, but never actually appropriate them. Their experience is confined to speaking in tongues, miracles, healing and prophecy. They have yet to receive from the Holy Spirit some solace for their afflictions, guidance when they’re clueless, a right word to console the sorrowing, His leading toward winning a soul, and discernment for heresy.

Please don’t get me wrong. The charismatic gifts are vital for the edification of the church, but the Holy Spirit acts in our everyday lives as well.

Here, I wish to present some examples:

John is an architect, but he has been committed to prison ministry for several years. When we meet for lunch, he talks about God’s life-transforming work among the inmates.

He told me that though he meticulously prepares his message, he often feels inadequate and unsure about whether his lesson really is from God. So he seeks the help of the Holy Spirit, and the inmates assure him that his preaching has blessed them.

In March 2015, I took an Australian missionary to the Penang Street buffet at York Hotel. I noticed a gaunt waitress topping up diners’ water glasses and clearing dirty dishes. I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pass her some money.

Later, she testified to me, “I am a Christian; the Lord must have known my needs today!” Our jaws dropped when we heard this. We were both amazed to witness how God used me to provide for His needy child.

The Holy Spirit is a creative Spirit. (Read Genesis 4:21-22; Exodus 31:1-7) He imparts artistic talents to artists and writers, regardless of background. You can expect Him to breathe in you when you mold, draw, paint or sculpt. He has even helped me prepare delightful meals for my family when I forgot the recipe!

My friend is a professional artist. Once, his daughter’s school invited him to paint a mural on the school outer wall. Instantly, he had artists’ block and he didn’t know what to paint. He told me he frantically prayed, and the Holy Spirit showed him Psalm 8:8: “The birds in the sky, and the fish in the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas.”  And this became the mural on the school wall.

I still enjoy learning even though I’m a 65-year-old grandfather. This year, to stretch my mind, I am learning Church History, Apologetics, and Philosophy. These subjects use various esoteric terminologies, and it’s demanding on me.

Nevertheless, before I open my textbooks or listen to online lectures, my second nature is to ask the Holy Spirit for understanding, and the capacity to register and recall the teachings. Wonderfully, He even points to me the precise facts in my book, which enable me to grasp the logic of the authors. With the Holy Spirit’s constant aid, my study is stress-free and rewarding.

I have two friends—a Christian pharmacist and a dentist—who both ached to have children, but couldn’t conceive despite fertility treatments.

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to earnestly and persistently intercede for these two sisters to conceive for three years. The pharmacist often felt depressed, and texted me almost daily for encouragement and prayer.

But prayer works. The pharmacist finally gave birth to a girl last April, and is expecting again this year. The dentist also gave birth to a boy this January. Praise God!

I have a British friend who works as a sales representative at a logistics company. Once this Pentecostal said he was going to Sarawak to sell his agricultural vehicles. After he returned to Singapore, I asked him how it went, because I had prayed for him. He told me he had also spent the whole morning praying and consequently, the Sarawak people bought the bulldozers from him.

When I was 22 years old, I was a department store manager responsible for a team of 27 saleswomen and five supervisors. I prayed whenever I encountered office politics or had to handle difficult colleagues and customers. Once, the Holy Spirit even guided me to proactively tackle situations to avert an impending crisis before my boss got wind of it. He delivered me from being scolded by my CEO!

My wife has been working as a bookkeeper for Gospel Recordings. She had never studied bookkeeping; in fact I don’t know how she even passed Mathematics in school. But every year, the accounts she submits to our public auditor and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) always get accepted. Praise God!

In April 2013, I was a presenter at the Call2All Global Mission Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where there was a meeting for 700 China delegates. The organizers couldn’t get a Mandarin speaker, so my American friend and conference coordinator begged me to help out. I was nervous, because I am English-educated, and hadn’t spoken Mandarin for some time. Nonetheless, I said yes, rushed into a room to pray in tongues, then went on stage.

I talked about my spiritual rebirth from a Taoist background, and the importance of trusting God for the strategy and finances for ministry. The myriad “Amens” I heard from the audience reassured me. When the meeting closed, countless pastors and leaders dashed to get my name card, and some even invited me to teach in China. I later also received emails from them thanking me for my talk. Today, I am preaching and ministering in Mandarin both locally and overseas.

I am deeply humbled, and thankful that Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit to be a Helper to His disciples.

Here is a list of how the Holy Spirit helps us: giving us artistic flair (Genesis 4:21-22; Exodus 31:1-7), in leadership capacity (1 Samuel 16:13), in administrative competence (Acts 6:3), in linguistic proficiency (Acts 2:3-11), in missions (Acts 8: 26-36; 13:2-4), teaching believers the truth (John 14:26; 16:13-15; 1 John 2:27), and prayer (Romans 8:26-27), just to name a few.

My yearning is to see every Christian living a Spirit-filled life, constantly aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Life is full of daily challenges, but with the Helper, the Holy Spirit, you can find solace and solutions, whether you’re a student, parent, professional, pastor, church leader or worshipper.

The Holy Spirit, our divine Helper and friend, is here. Reach out to Him, He is always ready to assist you, if you just tell Him your needs.

About Rev David Lim

Rev David Lim is the Founder/Director of Gospel Recordings Singapore Ltd (GRS), since 1981. Their mission: To reach the illiterate and tribal people worldwide. GRS has free CDs in more than 6,000 of the estimated 18,000 languages and dialects.

He was a pastor in an AG church, a Mennonite Church and two Baptist Churches. He preaches across denominations—local and overseas. His calling took him to nearly 70 countries. He taught Cross-Cultural Communication at YWAM, Perth, and pastoral ministry in Vietnam and Cambodia. He is also the author of the book ‘My Hand in His’, published by Armour Publishing in April 2014. Rev Lim, a grandfather, is a member of Faith Assembly.

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