The Value of Christian Grandparents in Our Children’s Lives

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The Value of Christian Grandparents in Our Children’s Lives

The Value of Christian Grandparents in Our Children’s Lives

What values could our Christian grandparents bring to their grandchildren? Rev Theva sheds some light on this topic.

Grandparents have a unique and wonderful position to influence yet another generation, passing on good Christian values to them when walking, sitting, and lying down with them. (Deuteronomy 6:7)

Building bonds with grandchildren takes a lot of time and energy so grandparents have to invest their lives into these young ones.

Plant Seeds of Faith
2 Timothy 1:5 says that the seed of faith was first sown by Timothy’s grandmother, Lois and his mother, Eunice. All of Timothy’s accomplishments in the faith were possible because of his grandmother and mother. They taught and guided him to solidify his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So grandparents have a very important role to play in the lives of their grandchildren.

Family Support
Grandparents can be the steady hand to render assistance to their working children when there’s illness or when unwelcome problems affect the family or there is separation or divorce. Some children end up in a single-parent situation. In supporting the grandchildren, the grandparents give their children time to work out the problems in their lives or in their marriage.

Grandparents’ support is so vital in such situations and prevents the grandchildren from crashing emotionally.

The most prevalent need today is supporting the busy working parents who are juggling parenting, family, work and church ministry.

Spiritual Support
I believe that grandchildren need to be taught many values like courtesy, politeness, love, kindness, forgiveness, prudence, purity, honesty, truthfulness, modesty and proper language, etc. If parents are already teaching these values, we as grandparents can complement and reinforce what the parents are doing.

Christian grandparents have to live godly lives before their grandchildren. Many things are caught and not taught. It is through our lives and examples that we earn the right to be involved in their lives. They will observe us and imitate us, so it is important that we live right and imitate Christ. We can only teach them when we have a relationship with them and earn their trust.

Building Relationship
As a grandparent, I would like to also spend quality time with all my grandchildren. I need to build relationships with each of them, to hear them speak and to let them speak about themselves, their friends, everyday school life, their ambitions, their dreams, their fears, etc. Sometimes they speak gems of wisdom. But most of all, I enjoy the banter and humor. They laugh so easily, they are so easy to please and they are great learners.

Honesty and Transparency
Next to the parents, grandparents are possibly the greatest influence that grandchildren will have. They will see our faults and imperfections and as such, we need to show our human side and admit when we are wrong. We need to apologize when we have wrongly accused or judged them. If we readily admit our shortcomings, the grandchildren will realize that we are also imperfect and they will learn to admit their own wrongs.

We must also not say one thing and do another otherwise we will be labeled as hypocrites.

Helping to Shape and Mold Young Lives
As grandparents, we can help to shape and mold our grandchildren’s lives into what God would have them be. We should have the capability to instil and impart the fundamentals of the Christian faith into their hearts and minds. They need to learn about salvation through Jesus Christ, His birth, death, resurrection, water baptism, healing, Holy Spirit, second coming of Christ, etc. We can use the Bible, videos and books to teach such truths.

Creating Precious Memories
Creating precious memories that will last a lifetime is my priority. Bringing my grandchildren to the museums, Botanical Garden, Science Centre, airport or library, builds up memories in their minds. The times we have with them, will serve as a great time for reflection as they grow up in the future.

Overseas holidays with the grandchildren are especially great for bonding. I treasure such trips with them because three generations travel, live and eat together, drive around and play together for several days. What wonderful memories for the young minds!

Even simple events like sleepovers at the grandparent’s home, is a highlight and an exciting event for many of them.

As grandparents, it is our heart’s desire to leave a small inheritance for each of our grandchildren as a blessing. Proverbs 13:22 says: “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.”

We regard all our grandchildren as treasures. They are gifts from God to their parents and also to us, as grandparents. So we pray often for them that they will walk, love and serve God with their whole heart. I know that God has only good and wonderful plans in store for all of them (Jeremiah 29:11).

About Rev Jack Theva
Rev Jack Theva has been in ministry for more than 45 years. He has served in “Tent Making” ministry for many years and was in full-time pastoral ministry for 24 years. He has been serving as an itinerant minister for the last four years.

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